Wallmeyer Galvanotechnik GmbH

Wallmeyer Galvanotechnik GmbH

Business Description:

Machinery Designing and Processing, Electric Shavers, Single-purpose machines

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Wallmeyer Galvanotechnik GmbH




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Wallmeyer Galvanotechnik GmbH
Borsigstr. 9
483 24

Insulating tubes

We extrude protective and marking tubes from various types of softened PVC granules, so that the properties of tubes correspond to your required purpose the best. Tubes are only produced from primary granulates without admixtures of recycled granulates and crumbs.

Binding tapes

Binding tapes, or Twistband, belong to favourite binding means. Binding tapes are used for strapping and bundling cables and electrical cords, as a part of facial masks, for binding of lines in vineyards, trees, flowers, vegetables and the like.

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